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4th Stanislaw Gorczyca European School on TEM Basics and Advanced Sample Preparation is dedicated for PhD students and young electronomicroscopists.

The School is organized within the ESTEEM2 (Enabling Science and Technology through European ElectronMicroscopy) project

The scope of the School includes lectures and practical sessions focused on TEM basics and specimen preparation techniques applied mainly to materials science and physics.

The lectures and practicals will be given by external experts and AGH-UST staff.

For practical reasons the expected number of participants is limited to 40.


  • esteem2-project
  • eds-titan
  • microstructure
  • agh-ust lab - fib
  • agh-ust lab - sem
  • agh-ust preparation lab
  • agh-ust - preparation lab
  • agh-ust preparation lab
  • agh-ust preparation lab
  • agh-ust lab - tem
  • agh-ust titan
  • agh-ust titan
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