4 Transmission electron microscopes (TEMs):



Titan3 G260-300(FEI)

Probe Cs corrected S(TEM) with ChemiSTEM system for analytical resolution (70pm) electron microscopy

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tecnai    Tecnai G2 20 TWIN (FEI)

Analytical electron microscope equipped with:
 - STEM-HAADF detector
 - EDX microanalysis system TIA
 - Precession electron diffraction DigiStar and ASTAR system for automatic analysis of grain orientations and phase mapping in nano-areas (NanoMEGAS)

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Jeol 2010    JEM-2010ARP (JEOL)

Analytical electron microscope equipped with:
 - STEM-ASID attachment
 - EDXmicroanalysis systemINCA
 - CCD cameraOriusSC1000

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jeol200cx    JEM-200CX (JEOL)

2 Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs):



Merlin Gemini II (ZEISS)

high resolution electron microscope equipped with:
 - FEG electron gun
 - EDX detector with Quantax800 (Bruker) microanalysis system
 - EBSD detector withQuantaxCrystAlign400 (Bruker) microanalysis system

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fib   NEON CrossBeam 40EsB (ZEISS)

electron microscope equipped with:
 - FIB column
 - FEG electron gun
 - SEM column with SE, EsB and BSE detectors
 - EDX detector with Quantax 400 (Bruker) microanalysis system

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Atomic force microscope Dimension 3100 SPM

Light microscopes (LM):



Axio Imager M1m (Zeiss)

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Stereo Discovery (Zeiss)

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Image analysis laboratory with specialized software:

JEMS, Digital Micrograph, CRISP, AnalySIS 3.2 Aphelion, ImageJ, Avizo Fire 6.0, Amira, ...

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Comprehensive sample preparation laboratory:

pasek aparatura1


·NanoMill 1040 (Fischione) - ultra-low energy, concentrated ion beam device for producing the highest quality samples for TEM, free from preparation-induced artefacts (post-FIB processing)
·2 Precision Ion Polishing Systems, PIPS (Gatan)
- one - equipped with a cooling stage and CCD camera for monitoring of the thinning process
- one - low energy ion polishing system
·2 Dimplers (Gatan)
·Evaporators: Q150RS (Quorum Technologies) and K950 (Emitech)
·3 Electro-polishing machines:
- TenuPol-3, TenuPol-5 and LectroPol-5 (Struers)
·5 Grinding and polishing machines:
- 2 x LaboPol-1, LaboPol-4, LaboPol-5 and LaboPol-21(Struers)
- MiniMet 1000
·Semi-automatic specimen mover: LaboForce-1 (Struers)
·Semi-automatic mounting presses: LaboPress-1 and CitoPress-10 (Struers)
·3 Precision saws:
- IsoMet 1000, IsoMet 4000 i IsoMet Law Speed Saw (Buehler)
·Wire saw: WS 22 (K.D. Unipress)
· Cooling thermostat: PROLINE RP870 (Lauda)
Laboratory for mechanical property tests:


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pasek aparatura2


Laboratory for mechanical property tests:


Universal mechanical property test machines:


· MTS 810

·  Instron



Laboratory for physical property tests:


Non destructive testing machines: 

·  Ultrasounds (More info)

·  Eddy-current

·  Acoustic emission


Laboratory for biomaterials:


  • Electrospinning Apparatus EC-DIG with Climate-control (IME Technologies, The Netherlands) custom built with positive and negative voltage polarities applied to the nozzle and collecting electrodes, and with two nozzles allowing interchange and continuous electrospinning of composite nanofibers membranes. The main features of the equipment are:
    - multi-functional nozzle stands and co-axial nozzle
    - multi spinning possibilities with two nozzles
    - EM-C05 1 Climate-control
    - collector plate and rotating target collector module
    - 2 syringe pumps
    - Gas Shield Module EM-GSM

  • Safe Fast Classic (Faster) laminar flow cabinet enabling work with cell cultures in sterile conditions
  • Incubator CO2 INCO 108 (Memmert) for cell cultures growth (biocompatibility investigations) and bioactivity investigations in specified conditions (temperature, humidity and CO2 content)
  • Sterilizer SNB 300 (Memmert) for sterilization of glass and small laboratory equipment
  • Inverted light microscope IB-100 (Delta Optics)

 Available within co-operation (at the Department):


  • X-ray diffractometers: D8 Advance Brucker, Siemens D500 and Siemens D501
  • Dilatometers: DT1000 (Adamel), R.I.T.A. L78 (Linseis)
  • Heat treatment laboratory
  • Welding laboratory
  • Powder metallurgy laboratory